Buying at FishingShop is simple!

1. Add products to cart
2. Press "Place order button" on
 the bottom of the screen
2. After checking your car

3. Fill your name, e-mail
and post address. Press Next.
4. Add comment if required(yes, we are reading!) And send Order
5. Order send to us and will check availability of all items and confirm the shipping cost
6. After we update your order with shipping and confirm availability. You will get a email like that. Now you can process to payment
7. Proceed to PayPal payment After click on a link in email and enter you PIN(from same email) you will be offered to pay via PayPal. And we will send and supply tracking number! 

Shipping rates:

Middle East
South America
500g ¥1400 ¥2200 ¥2000 ¥2400
1.0kg ¥2100 ¥3200 ¥2900 ¥4100
2.0kg ¥3300 ¥5000 ¥4500 ¥7300
5.0kg ¥6300 ¥9800 ¥8700 ¥16300
10.0kg ¥10500 ¥16600 ¥14500 ¥27700

Please Note: aerosols and liquids can be shipped only via vessel - delivery will take longer.